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Heating And Hot Water

Heating Installation

Your home is somewhere you want to make special, comfortable and above all, welcoming. From intelligent electric heating, LOT20 compliant Night Storage Heating, Infrared and hot air blowers we can offer a host of heating solutions to suit your individual needs.  New heating installations offer both financial and environmental benefits giving you peace of mind.

Hot water Systems

Electric water heaters offer an energy-efficient way to heat hot water.  Instantaneous and store water systems that suit most applications are safe, reliable and cost-effective. There are many sizes and types of electric water heaters, from both under and over the sink units to cylinders catering for an entire property with outputs from 3.5kw to 12kw.  Installations are often easier than gas and prove suitable for domestic, small commercial properties and new building sites.

Electric Boilers

Electric heating is an innovative technology which allows those without access to a supply of mains gas to efficiently heat their home and water, a simple mains electrical connection and cold-water supply is enough.

The installation of electric heating is less complicated than other types of heating as a result of the boiler not requiring a flue to remove the products of combustion.  So, there’s no requirement to disturb the walls or roofs of flats or listed buildings. This can be especially useful in properties in blocks of flats, where to install a gas boiler would require expensive scaffolding to work at height to install the flue and make good.

The internal heating pipework is run in the same way, and electric boilers convert all of the energy they use into heat.  There are fewer moving parts in the boiler (compared to a gas boiler), and electric heating can last over 15 years and is easily replaced. 

Electric boilers produce no emissions when heating your home. There is no moisture, and no particulates are produced, ensuring a healthy indoor environment.

We also offer comprehensive service maintenance contracts which are tailored to meet each clients’ specific needs.

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